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Multi-Family Plumbing Services California Nevada

Multi Family Plumbing Upgrade

Multi Family Upgrade

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PEX-a vs Galvanized

PEX-a vs Copper

Multi-Family Plumbing Services California Nevada


On behalf of Plumbing Upgrade INC, we are pleased to offer our services for the re-piping project of your community. We are proud to label our company as leading Experts in the re-piping industry.



Full re-pipe to include all parts, including homeowner maintained items starting at the point of connection at the main shut off valve and terminating at the plumbing fixtures


 We offer a full turn-key system solution so you do not have to worry about hiring more and different contractors. Our Bid price will include material, labor, overhead, and all applicable taxes. 


Why we are a good Match for your Project?

What set us apart from of our competitors and makes us different is that we are committed to excellence, and no job is complete for us until our costumers are completely satisfied with our work. 

Having the best professionals in the re-piping industry helps us keep the promise for quality, clean and safe working environment.

Our teams are only the reputation builder type and for many years we have worked side by side on projects helping us keep the promise for quality work.




1. ProPex fittings, Lead free adaptors, UPONOR Pex-a Tubing


2. CPVC- FlowGuard Gold

3. ZURN PEX, Copper crimp adaptors & plastic fittings

4. Copper Type L   USA Made


The cost will depend based on number of factors:

1.        Type of material to be used

2.        Number of bathrooms

3.        Laundry within the Unit or separate laundry area/room

4.        Where is the starting point

5.        Number of floors and different floor plans 

6.        Water heater for each Unit or Multi unit Boiler

7.        If  Heating system (Hydronic) is connected to the Water heater

8.        And other factors that are unique for the community


Faulty Plumbing Systems & Materials:

Kitec Plumbing needs to be Repiped

Polybutylene Plumbing needs to be Repiped

Imported Copper Plumbing, or under slab Copper needs to be Repiped

Galvanized Plumbing needs to be Repiped





 We have vast experience repiping with UPONOR Pex-a, Copper, ZurnPex, and CPVC  

 We have been involved in the completion of many apartment complexes in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, Las Vegas and luxury Condominiums.  Off course we have repiped hundreds of single family homes and some custom homes in the Orange County, Oceanside, Mission Viejo, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, Santa Fe NM, and surrounding areas. 

We cover the entire  California and Nevada