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Oh, the untold annoyance of a leaky shower faucet. Instead of struggling with the leaks or other shower faucet issues, put a professional on the job and take care of them quickly. Even if plumbing isn`t your strong suit, you shouldn`t need to put up with a malfunctioning shower faucet in the bathroom.
By hiring a plumber instead of doing the job yourself, you`ll know that the job will get done correctly without issues or problems. The wrong turn with a wrench could mean significant complications, but this won`t be a worry when you hire a professional.


If your shower is leaking, it may be that the shower faucet is not shutting off completely. Another possibility involves the hot or cold valve of the shower faucet. This issue involves replacing the seats and springs inside the faucet. If you experience leaks from the faucet itself, the professional may need to perform adjustments to the internal parts of the faucet. If you have a faucet issue that you do not repair, you might experience significant damage to your surrounding shower area, caused by water leaks.


Fixing a dripping shower requires a process of ascertaining the type of shower faucet you have and then determining the reason for the leaks. The next step in the process involves ascertaining whether the cold or the hot faucet handle is causing the leaks. To do this, the plumber will simply feel the water temperature of the leaking water and if it`s cold, the cold water side is leaking and if it`s hot the hot water side is leaking. A cartridge-style faucet has a single handle, operating as the cartridge slides in and out of the mechanism. After turning off the water supply, the professional will pull off the handle cap and remove the handle by unscrewing it. With the inner mechanisms of the faucet visible, it`s time to pull out the cartridge and replace it with a new one.
To troubleshoot the hot or cold valve, the plumber will turn off the water supply, unscrew the screw holding the handle and remove the bonnet nut. After removing the stem assembly, the plumber can remove the seats and springs to check for issues. If either part is damaged or worn, replacement should solve the problem with the shower faucet.
If the shower faucet itself is dripping, the adjusting ring or cam and packing might require adjustment or replacement. The plumber will tighten the adjusting ring around the stem with the faucet in full on position. If tightening does not resolve the problem, the plumber will need to replace the cam.


A professional will have the expertise and skills necessary to diagnose shower faucet issues and resolve them efficiently. The professional will also have an extensive selection of tools to make the process go quickly. With a professional, you won`t have the issues of spending hours on the task, trying to troubleshoot the issue before you even fix it. The plumber can diagnose easily and move on to fixing the faucet quickly. Using a professional will also eliminate the risk of damage to your existing system because the plumber understands the process and can avoid accidents.


As the professional works to dismantle the shower faucet, damage to the faucet is one of the biggest risks to your shower system. Removing the stem can be difficult, but a professional should understand how to execute this process without damaging your faucet. A shower faucet over 10 to 15 years old that is leaking may need replacement instead of repair. Working to remove a cartridge might require a cartridge puller designed for the specific brand of the faucet. All faucets come apart slightly differently � the plumber should have proficient knowledge and understanding of most faucet manufacturers. Overtightening parts can cause damage to the faucet.


Most shower repairs consist of simple parts that are not expensive. The cost to repair a shower faucet depends on your geographic area, the age of your system and the extent of the repair issues. If your repair issues are so involved that you require a shower faucet replacement, your plumbing costs will be higher. For example, if the plumber needs to remove wall tiles to access the pipes behind the shower wall, your price for repairs will be higher. The overall cost for repairing a shower faucet will range from $83 to $140. Get an estimate for repair prior to giving permission for the repairs.
Stop struggling with your shower faucet, spending money in wasted water and risking the condition of your bathroom and shower. Hire a professional to repair your shower faucet and you can enjoy the efficiency of your repaired shower.


A leaky toilet is an annoying, inevitable, and sometimes costly. How can you try to diagnose 


To know for sure, pay close attention to where the leak is coming from. If it`s pooling around the toilet, it`s probably the wax. There are housing repair stores that sell replacement wax to prevent further leaks, though you may want to ask a professional to do any wax work for you, to prevent further leaks.
If the leak is coming from somewhere other than underneath it could be a leaky valve, which may be able to be solved with a wrench and some elbow grease.


If the leak is coming from somewhere other than underneath it could be a leaky valve, which may be able to be solved with a wrench and some elbow grease. If you`ve tightened or replaced the bolts that bind the toilet to the floor, you might need a new wax gasket. As you tighten the bolts, make note of any rust or deterioration of the base of the toilet or of the bolts themselves. Even if these areas are not the current culprits, they could lead to further problems in the future.


Cracked tanks are common. If it`s just the lid and condensation is forming, you may need to order a new model of the lid from your toilet`s manufacturer, as lids are rarely sold in stores. IF the tank itself is falling apart, that could be a bigger problem. In that case, you may need a new tank or a new toilet altogether. 
Installing Toilets at Homes and Businesses
Though toilets are available in a wide variety of styles, installation procedures are generally consistent for residential models. The accessibility of your bathroom may add to the difficulty of the job however, so consider how challenging it may be for your plumber to carry tools and materials to the installation site. Toilet installations in single-family homes are completed for an average price of $138, while accessibility issues may influence the cost for apartment installations, which usually cost about $161. Toilets designed for use in commercial facilities are often tankless and have different installation requirements than residential units. Toilet styles, site accessibility, and any special scheduling required to accommodate business operations may contribute to the cost of installation, which is generally about $187



Installing a new vanity can improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom, whether during renovations or as a single upgrade. The size and style of your vanity may affect the complexity of installation, and any modifications or preparation needed to set cabinetry and fixtures may influence the cost of the job.
Vanity Features and Project Planning
The construction type, style, and features of your vanity may play a part in the cost of installation, since the tools, skills and time needed to complete the project may vary. Consider the amount of assembly required for your vanity, since building the unit in place or fitting a ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet may take significantly more time than setting a complete cabinet. Similarly, placing a single cabinetry unit can be completed faster than a multi-cabinet installation, and though setting a vanity with an integrated counter and sink may seem more efficient, it may require more time or labor to move the unit and make connections. As you select a vanity and plan for the installation, consider whether fitting a counter, sink, and faucet will be included in the project or if you will need to hire any additional contractors for these aspects of the project. Your contractor or designer can help you select fixtures and coordinate different phases of the job to ensure an attractive, timely, and quality installation.